BJP government non-responsive, exercising power according to their will: MPCC

BJP government non-responsive, exercising power according to their will: MPCC

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IMPHAL: MPCC President Moirangthem OKendro alleged that the present BJP-led government is acting non-responsive and thus exercises their power according to their will.

If anybody reacts by exercising their freedom of speech and expression, being a democratic citizen against their system or policies, they are put to jail under the National Security Act, Okendro said.

M. Okendro, who attended as the Chief Guest on the State Level Kisan Sammelan programme held at Congress Bhavan on Saturday, further told that the final moment has arrived to teach the BJP-led government that such regime can no longer be tolerated by people living under Secularism and democratic ways of livelihood. Otherwise, they will always strive to overpower the democratic freedom of the people, he added.

The MPCC President strongly reacted against the Farm Bill 2020 that was forcefully established into Act without considering the consent of Farmers, Stakeholders and members of Parliament and warned that until and unless the government surrenders to withdraw such a typical form of dictatorship rule will eventually bring more distress to the people.

He further said that it seems under the influence of BJP’s leaders in which some of the Ministers, MLA are witnessed to be found getting viral in social media for acting and addressing the people like politicians with no ethics and began to show up inappropriate attitudes during public gatherings. On the bigger scene such types of person habituates dictatorial styles of ruling the people by underestimating the raising voice of farmers’ hardships, putting people behind the bar for exposing a speck of false commitment under draconian act like National Security Act (NSA) against exercising  their rights of speech and expression.

He appealed to the farmers and people in the state to be united together and prove that such kind of BJP’s dictatorial regime can no longer continue to rule upon democratic and secular people of the state. 

 Kisan Congress Chairman Laitonjam Thoiba stated that Minimum Support Price (MSP) will consequently snatch away the productions of farmers by the huge privately owned company. The production rate and market price will begin being controlled by such a huge private company, thus affecting daily earner wages and prices of goods. The Farm Act 2020 will only be getting benefits by those big corporate and middle class people while oppositely affecting the farmers at the worst whole over the country.

The event was attended by MPCC Vice President T. Mangibabu, Secy (Admn) Hareshwar Goswami, P. Sharatchandra as the guests of honour with around 100 District and Block Kisan with motives for the welfare of farmers.

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