Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh questions on beneficiaries of Anganwadi workers, helpers

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh has questioned whether the honorarium for anganwadi workers and helpers announced by Narendra Modi as a Diwali present in 2018 will reach beneficiaries after they spend money from their own purses.

In a press release, the trade union took up the issue while making a mention of the good news delivered by social welfare minister Nemcha Kipgen who promised to released the cumulative amount from pending increment of the anganwadi workers and helpers.  

It also stated that the collection of a huge amount of money from the workers and helpers by the concern CDPOs and supervisors in the name of bribing officials of treasury, finance, head office, secretariat etc in order to realize the sanctioning of their pending honorarium is an act which will disrepute the generous measure taken up by the state administration as a token of gift for their sisters.

Hence, the workers and helpers are raising many questions in protest against the unreasonable collection of contribution from them. They queried whether the money which was collected will be forwarded to the prime minister office while some of them have told the CDPO and supervisors to take their whole shares.

Though the court had passed many orders regarding the ICDS project, sanction for procuring fuel for many months have not been released. The amount for fuel charge was reduce from Rs 500 to Rs 300 before it was stopped raising a challenge to the centre whether they will be able to cook meals for the children.

 The concern workers and helpers were appealed not to get trapped by the craftiness act of some officials who are operating the department as a business place in the release while propping the questions whether the officials showing such corrupted mentality deserve to be paid their salaries.

The organization further warned that in case any individuals and officials who were found collecting money in future their names and address will be uploaded on social media and also the concerned officials have been urged to refund the collected amount from its centers as soon as possible.

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