Be a crusader of saving mother earth: ADC Sadar Hills Chairman

Be a crusader of saving mother earth: ADC Sadar Hills Chairman

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KANGPOKPI: During a mega tree plantation and seedling distribution program as part of 71st Vanamahotsava celebration 2020, ADC Sadar Hills Chairman Haokholal Hangshing exhorted the people of Kangpokpi especially the youths to be a crusader of saving mother earth.

The tree plantation program was organized at the newly acquired land for town cemetery by Kangpokpi Town Committee with participants from members of KTC from all wards, members of Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organizations and Kangpokpi Youth Union, Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship, representatives of Mission Hospital authority apart from officials and staffs of DFO Kangpokpi Forest Division.

Th event organized by Divisional Forest Officer, Kangpokpi Forest Division was graced by Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman ADC Sadar Hills, Lunseh Kipgen, Chairman Kangpokpi Town Committee, Chinpilhing Kipgen, DFO Kangpokpi, Rev. K. Hangshing, Chairman KTCF, Hekim Hangshing, President KWWO and Haolet Khongsai, President KYU.

ADC Sadar Hills Chairman Haokholal Hangshing said that younger people may not be aware that the annual tree planting festival, Van Mahotsava, the festival of forests was started by K.M. Munshi, the Minister for Food and Agriculture in 1950, to spread mass awareness about the contribution of tree plantation and conservation of forests for maintaining ecological balance, and also to augment provision of food, fodder and fuel wood.

Strongly exhorting the people of Kangpokpi especially the youths to be a crusader of saving mother Earth, the ADC Sadar Hills Chairman Haokholal Hangshing recalled that Van Mahotsava which is also celebrated as a festival of life was started in India as a crusade to save mother earth.

He also encourage the people of Kangpokpi to find themselves free to participate in mass in the celebration including Government agencies, civic bodies and educational institutions across the District.

To the mark occasion, the ADC Sadar Hills Chairman Haokholal Hangshing planted a saplings in his name while KTC Chairman Lunseh Kipgen, DFO Kangpokpi Chingpilhing Kipgen, KTCF Chairman, Rev. K. Hangshing, KWWO President Hekim Hangshing and KYU President Haolet Khongsai also planted a sapling each in their respective name.

All the seventeen members of Kangpokpi Town Committee from Ward No.1 to 17 also planted a sapling each during the celebration.

DFO Kangpokpi, Chingpilhing Kipgen said that the objectives of Van Mahotsava as visualized by Dr. Munshi were to increase production of fruits, which could be added to the potential food resources of the country, help create shelter belt around agricultural fields to increase their productivity, provide fodder leaves for cattle to relieve the grazing over reserved forests, boost soil conservation and prevent further deterioration of soil fertility.

She continued that Dr. Munshi also intended to inculcate consciousness and love for trees among the citizens and popularise planting and tending of trees in farms, villages, and municipal and public land.

The DFO Kangpokpi expressed her satisfaction and contentment over the overwhelming support and cooperation of the public through their representatives, the civil society organizations and officials from various departments in the District.

She further urges the people of Kangpokpi to continue their support and cooperation towards conserving the forests and environment in the district.

According to the Kangpokpi Town Committee tree saplings will be planted systematically in the surrounding areas of the new town cemetery land.

The occasion which with a prayer from Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship Chairman Rev. K. Hangshing was culminated with a prayer from Mission Hospital Chaplain Rev. Lhoukholal Kipgen.

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