Barber shops to be opened in next 5 days

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The Manipur Barber’s Association has issued a press release stating that barber shops will start to reopen within five days. The barbers in the state have also been a badly affected sector among daily wages earners due to the imposition of lockdown guidelines.

Several requests made by them repeatedly to the concern authority for distribution of rice have not be actuated yet, therefore barbers across the state have been facing unbearable hardships. Even at this peak of stress and hardships deputy labour commissioner, District Commissioner and also Labour Minister of the state seem deaf and blind on their repeated relief during lockdown for Covid-19.

The association stated that, as barbers can no longer adapt to surviving penniless and without essential food items left for their family, the association has decided to open barber shops within 5 days in the state.

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