Bandh called along Imphal-Moreh Road on February 29

Bandh called along Imphal-Moreh Road on February 29

TMB Report

Thoubal: The All Wangjing- Lamding Market Shop and Vendors Welfare Committee has announced to block the National Highway 102, Imphal- Moreh road for 36 hours at Wangjing area with effect from 5:00 AM of February 29 till 5:00 PM of March 1, 2020.

The committee had been demanding that Wangjing- Lamding Market building including its toilet be repaired since 3/4 months but the government has deaf ears to their demands, a press release stated.

The press release also stated that the welfare committee had a marathon meeting on Thursday evening and unanimously decided to block the highway for 36 hours since any related department hadn’t lent positive response to their demands.

The condition of the toilet of the market has been laying in a discomfort way since 3/4 months and the most sufferers are the women vendors.

Though complains were made several times, but of no use, thus the committee had compelled to launch blockade on the highway, the press release states.

Giving some more disadvantages the women vendors have met, the press release further stated that more than 300 women vendors have collected a sum of rupees 5 each for electricity bill on daily basis but the authority of the Wangjing-Lamding Municipal council have put off electricity at 9 pm, this caused much hindrances to the guards whom engaged for safeguarding the goods of the vendors.

For all these reasons, the Wangjing-Lamding market shops and Vendors Welfare Committee had decided to block the highway so that their grievances might be heard by the government.

Religious activities, medical, fire service and media persons will be exempted from the purview of the 36 hours bandh, the press release states.

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