Ayush doctors demand rectification of pay anomaly

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur Ayush Doctors’ Association has demanded the government and health minister to rectify the anomalies in the pay structure of Ayush doctors and MBBS doctors as well as fulfill its other pending demands by June 22, 2020, otherwise protests and cease work strikes will be undertaken from the day itself.

The information was provided by General Secretary of the association Dr. Moirangthem Kennedy at a press conference held at Samadon Shanglen, Uripok on Tuesday.

He further dragged attention of the authority, concern minister also the government on their grievances and demands put out in regard to salary disparity between Ayush doctors of Rs 29,138 and MBBS AYUSH doctors of Rs 57,000 since 2017 citing that their pay structure is the least among payrolls of medical fraternity. Even though numerous memorandums were forwarded notifying their demands and grievances to the authority, concern minister and also the government in the state, there has never been a positive response to meet their satisfaction, Dr Kennedy added.

The association also expressed sorrow and feeling discouraged by the dissimilar perception in work features and imbalanced treatment in terms of salary between MBBS and Ayush doctors.

He enlighten on the responsibilities and duties carried out by Ayush doctors to the government, saying that they were participating equally and not any less than others, working day and night as frontline workers in the quarantine centers of the state in fighting against Covid-19.

General Secretary Dr. Kennedy on behalf of association also demanded the regularization of recruited staff and doctors by the government.

The association resolved to start protest cease-work strikes from July 22 if the government does not comply with their longstanding demands which had been laid out to the health minister and the state administration, he added.

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