Awareness held at Quarantine centers

Awareness held at Quarantine centers

TMB Report

Bishnupur: An awareness on how to remain contain from Covid-19 and to follow the lockdown SOP Protocol imposed by the State Government to save our precious was held on Tuesday by a team led by Social Activist Shanjoy Ahanthem at Private Quarantine Centers and Covid Control Committee opened at different localities under Khumbi A/C by going round the quarantine centre areas and also distributed face masks, hand sanitizers and phenyl disinfectants.

Shanjoy Ahanthem draws the attention of the volunteers to jointly follow the State Government lockdown SOP Protocol guidelines and precautionary measures such that we can overcome and defect the pandemic Covid-19.

Body temperature of those inmates from the locality, who went for business at other districts and currently under quarantine at Private Quarantine Centre, were also checked using Digital Non-contact Infrared Thermometer.

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