<strong>Awards will be given to the successful Seri farmers: Minister Awangbow </strong>

Awards will be given to the successful Seri farmers: Minister Awangbow

DIPR/ TMB Report

Thoubal: Continuing his field visit inspecting the progress of the Seri farms in the State, Sericulture Minister Awangbow Newmai today visited the Seri farms located at Kairembikhok, Tekcham, Kuraopokpi, Heirok, Uyal and Athokpam in Thoubal district.

Speaking to the media persons, Minister Newmai said that he was satisfied to see the hard work of the Seri beneficiaries (farmers) today. He said that to help people earn their own income, under the integrated Sericulture Project ( ISDP ), the beneficiaries are provided assistance for construction of silk worm rearing  house to produce cocoons, rearing appliances, planting materials which includes training facilities in the field of silk worm rearing and silk worm food plantation mulberry.

He further said that if each and every beneficiary under the Seri and other departments work hard to earn their own income then the problem of unemployment will be solved to some extent. He said that such Seri project will provide employment not only to this generation but to the coming generations also. The department will give awards to the best farmers, he assurded.

Minister was accompanied by P. Brojen MLA Wangjing Tentha, Sericulture Director S. Kunjakishore Singh, Ch. Harendra Singh, Deputy Director among others.

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