Autobiography of former IAS officer released

Autobiography of former IAS officer released

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IMPHAL: Titled “REMINISCENCES: My life and times in government”, an autobiography of one of the most decorated IAS officer of Manipur Henry K. Heni IAS (Retd) was released on 19th September, Saturday in Makhan by Honorable Minister N. Kayiisii, T.A and Hills, Govt. of Manipur.

It was launched in the presence of A. Kapani, Honorable, Chairman, ADC, Senapati, S.P. Peter Khrasi IRS (Retd) and Chairman, Manipur State Commission for Scheduled Tribe and many other dignitaries and CSO leaders of the area whilst maintaining the govt. SOP norms and social distancing.

The autobiography chronicles the childhood struggles, educational hardships and life of Heni as a bureaucrat in the Govt. of Manipur.

In his speech, Minister N. Kayiisii spoke about the life of Henry K. Heni as an IAS officer well known for his integrity, determination and hardwork with all he has worked with and in all the departments he has been a part of. He lauded the officer who came from a humble background but went on to become commissioner and is now back to his roots, in the village working with the leaders as President, Makhan Union.

S.P. Peter IRS (Retd) gave a synopsis of the book and his own experience working with Henry K. Heni emphasizing his never wavering conviction despite whatever life threw at him and the events form his childhood which formed the person he is today. He also revealed the student days of the author, the hard life and the tough upbringing accompanied with the typical boyhood mischief yet uncompromising on hard work and dedication, values instilled by this mother, in many way is an ode to her, including her various teachings and events which will play a huge pivotal part in his upbringing.

The occasion was also marked with the release of another book, “Golden book of Ekhramei (Makhan)” by the same author which speaks about establishment of Corpus fund for social welfare and development and step forward for the Ekhrameis, people of Makhan.

Henry K. Heni in his concluding speech thanked everyone for their presence and also exhorted the people of Makhan which comprises of the 7 (Seven) villages of Ekhramei to be united and work towards progress of our area. Putting a note about his book, he said that the book retails at Rs. 150, a price affordable enough it reaches the target demographic, students.

It may be mentioned that Henry K. Heni IAS was deemed retired in the year 2008 and thereafter was made a member of the Manipur Public Service Commission till 2010.

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