ATSUM-govt talk indecisive, bandh stays

ATSUM-govt talk indecisive, bandh stays

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IMPHAL: The proposed 48 hours inter-state bandh and ban on construction works of national projects in the state from 26 October 2020 of All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM) shall remain effective as its demand to issue of ADC election notification was not materialized by the state government.

In a press release of ATSUM signed by its information and publicity secretary Khaiminlen Doungel it was stated that at the invitation of the state government, a meeting between state government and ATSUM and its federating units was held at TA&H Minister Vungzagin Valte’s office chamber on the ultimatum served by the ATSUM for timely conduct of ADC Elections 2020 without any further extension of term of office of all members of 6 ADCS as recommended by the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) in its meeting dated, October 8, 2020.

While, after a lengthy discussion, requests for suspension of the proposed agitation of ATSUM was made by the state government on the promise that the ATSUM demand will be discussed in the next cabinet sitting of the government.

However, ATSUM declined the state government proposal for suspension of the union agitation after having serious consultation with its federating units as the demand to issue ADC Election notification did not materialize.

Therefore, it is announced that 48 hours inter-state bandh and ban on construction works of national projects in the state from the dawn of October 26 shall remain effective, he further added.

Meanwhile, the Kuki Students’ Organization, General Headquarters and Zeliangrong Students Union Manipur expressed its endorsement over the ATSUM stir.

According to KSO General Headquarters, the demand of ATSUM for early conduct of ADC Election is legitimate and declared full support to the proposed 48 hours inter-state bandh and ban on construction works of national projects in the state.

It also said that ATSUM had served an ultimatum to the state Government for timely holding of ADC Election 2020 without further delay and extension of term of ADC present tenure.

It continued that ADC being a grass root democratic body ought to hold elections on time as this will ensure what democracy implies and KSO felt that enough extension had been made just on the pretext of ‘rainy season’ is irrational.

In its legitimate and genuine demand of tribal rights, KSO is ready and fully prepared to support and cooperate as well as endorse the proposed stir of ATSUM.

Zeliangrong Students’ Union Manipur (ZSUM) State Secretary, Katoreiyang Pamei said that it (ZSUM) fully endorsed the genuine demands of ATSUM in the matter of ADC Election in the hill districts of the state.

He said that ATSUM had demanded and warned the state Government to come out with concrete stand about the conduct of the ADC election within four days as the terms of the 6 ADCs had expired in May this year but was extended for another six months.

He also said that ZSUM is ready to support and cooperate and will take up any step in our jurisdiction according to the directive of ATSUM over its demand.

ZSUM also mentioned that the extension of the ADCs tenure for six month from June 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020 was done on the basis of June-July being a rainy season, and not convenient to hold elections.

However, if another six months extension of ADCs tenure is granted, next election will fall in the month of June-July 2021 which will naturally be again a rainy season, it added.

Therefore, ZSUM stand with the demand if ATSUM to the Government of Manipur to come out with a notification for election of ADCs within the given time failing which it (ZSUM) will follow the directive of the ATSUM to seal the inter-state routes and to ban the construction works of national projects including NF Railway (Jiri-Imphal), National Highway road construction in Tamenglong and Noney Districts for 48 hours starting from the dawn of October 26, it added.

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