ATRPFM calls for ADC Elections before monsoon

MB Report

IMPHAL: The All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) has submitted a representation to the Governor, Chief Minister, Minister (TA&Hills), Chairman, HAC and Chief Election Officer, Manipur for conduct ADC election, 2020 before the rainy season, most preferably in the month of April or May, 2020.

In a press release, ATRPFM said that the existing ADCS will appoint employees before election and just after the election, the appointment/recruitment may be cancelled by the new ADCS We have a great apprehension for this as we have already experienced in the past. Is appointment for election expenditures? On what ground appointment is to be made just before the election? What is the motive of the Government? No appointment should be made before the election and the notification for election has to be issued without any further delayed, failing which we shall take up our own strongest action.

“We received an intimation copy dated 26.02.2020 in the matter from Election Officer (HQ), CEO, Manipur addressed to the Secretary, State Election Commission, Manipur. However, no positive action has been taken by the authorities concerned till date. Instead of taking positive action, the Additional Chief Secretary (T.A and Hills), Govt. of Manipur has conveyed to all the CEOS of ADCS on 29.02.2020 in pursuance of the approval of the State Cabinet on its meeting held on 26.09.2019 and concurrence of Finance Department (PIC) vide UNO. No. 218/2019-2020/FD(PIC) dated 21.12.2019 that the State Government has approved for filling up of 750 vacant posts @125 posts in 6 (six) ADCS, Manipur. We appeal the Government to clarify why appointments have to be made just before the election,” it stated.

The release went on to continue that the existing ADCS have been given sufficient time, i.e. 5 years to execute developmental works as mandated, however, no tangible works have been executed by them. Now, there is no point of extending their period as they have no real objective to work for the people. They already received 13th and 14th Finance but no works have been executed by them. There is no administrative compulsion to extend the period of the existing ADCS. Therefore, election has to be conducted as normal. We appeal all concerned to withdraw the recommendation for conduct of election in the month of November and conduct the election in the month of April or May.

And it is the democratic rights of the candidates to contest the election under any political party, there is no provisions under any Act to prohibit to contest for a party. Hence, there is no question of party less election which was recommended by the HAC, added the release.

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