As govt ensures essential items, people must cooperate: Chairman ADC Sadar Hills

As govt ensures essential items, people must cooperate: Chairman ADC Sadar Hills

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KANGPOKPI: Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi Chairman on Tuesday thanked the people of Kangpokpi for their active cooperation towards the local self Government, District Administration, Police Department, Medical Department and various other department in combating the highly contiguous COVID-19 pandemic.

The ADC Sadar Hills Chairman, Haokholal Hangshing thanks the people of Kangpokpi in a video exhortation inside his office Chamber before the commencement of disinfection for the second time in Kangpokpi Town under the aegis of ADC Sadar Hills.

Earlier, ADC Sadar Hills in collaboration with the District Administration, Kangpokpi police and the local bodies had disinfected the town after the first break during lockdown for marketing.

Haokholal Hangshing flagged off the disinfection team led by Officer-in-Charge of Kangpokpi Police Station, Inspector Khogen in the presence of James Doujapao Haokip, MCS, Chief Executive Officer, SHADC Kangpokpi. The team comprised of fire personnel of Fire Sub Station Kangpokpi, Kangpokpi police personnel and member of Kangpokpi Youth Union.

Marketing areas especially those identified shops permitted to open on the exemption day of lockdown including Nute Kailhang, public places, important Government institutes and hospitals were disinfected.

Haokholal Hangshing in a video exhortation said that as we have entered the seven day of nation and state wide lockdown I thanked the people of Kangpokpi including village chiefs, town committee, youth, women, church leaders, student bodies and different organizations in the district for their commendable support and cooperation towards District Council, District Administration, Police department, medical department, etc. in combating the pandemic COVID-19 in the District.

He also thanked the District Administration, District police, medical department, army and para-military forces and various other departments for commitment and active efforts in fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in the District.

“I am also extremely thankful especially to the less fortunate people of Kangpokpi, daily wages labourers, and dukanders, who bear with the Governments and others during the disaster despite of their untold hardships like the true warriors of the pandemic, he added.

He continued that as the present Government of Manipur under the leadership of N. Biren Singh is always committed to it’s people, we are also trying at the best level to provide adequate essential commodities to the people of Kangpokpi including the less fortunate people.

As part of the our active effort in making availability of adequate essential commodities and considering the people’s grievances, we write to the Director, CAF & PD to permit us to deposit for 500 quintal of rice to donate for the people of Kangpokpi with an intent to address their plight especially the less fortunate people, he added.

He also said that the ADC Sadar Hills requested for Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) to the concerned authority for the people of Kangpokpi.

He further said that ADC Sadar Hills apart from other active role and efforts in combating the pandemic COVID-19 and safety of the people, sanitize the town areas, regulate markets to ensure sufficient essential commodities.

As part of ensuring essential commodities, we have regulate the town markets in collaboration with the District Administration, Police and the local civil bodies by opening identified shops thrice a week for marketing with strict maintenance of social distancing as per guidelines which helped a lot the people, he added.

He also said that as part of the sanitation program, disinfection have been done in public places, market areas, hospitals and various other important Government establishments while it was carried out today for the second time with the assistance of Kangpokpi police, fire personnel and local youths.

He continued that disinfection was also conducted in every book and corner of each and every town areas and market places, such as, Saikul hil town, Motbung bazar, Saparmeina bazar, Kalapahar bazar, etc.through members of ADC Sadar Hills in collaboration with the concerned town Committee, women, youth and the police.

He said that we are expecting a consignment of rice and essential commodities today for the people of Kangpokpi.

He also appealed the centre and state Government to ensure adequate supply of essential commodities apart from its keen interest and effort in solving the public plights due to lockdown.

The ADC Sadar Hills Chairman while extending sincere thanks to the people of Kangpokpi for their cooperation towards the Government, appeals the public to maintain the active support and cooperation while the Government ensured sufficient supply of essential commodities to the people.

He also exhorted the people to stay at home and avoid loitering out and in case of necessity wear mask and follow safety guidelines with an intent to, “I save you and you save me”.

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