Are BOSEM And COHSEM competing on question leak, DESAM, AIMS question

Are BOSEM And COHSEM competing on question leak, DESAM, AIMS question

Education System of Manipur Worst Than Corona Virus

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Imphal: With the question leak of MIL paper of the ongoing BOSEM Class X examination even as there is a burning issue of question leak of COHSEM Class XI examination, DESAM and AIMS questioned where BOSEM and COHSEM are competing on question leak.

Speaking to media persons during a joint press conference held by DESAM and AIMS at DESAM Office at Kwakeithel, Secretary General DESAM Leishangthem Lamyanba questioning are BOSEM and COHSEM competing on question leak? questions that has the concern taken up any initiatives or actions of the previous leak questions and said that re-examination must be conducted for those leak questions.

Lamyanba said that a proper investigation must be carry out for the question leak and an inquiry report and its solutions must be place before the public.

In the year 2017, there was question leak for COHSEM and again the same happen in 2020. With the frequent question leak shows that the government are not giving any importance to it.

As lessons learn from these question leak incident, a proper mechanism to prevent such question leaks in the future must be form and its high time for the government to react, he added.

Lamyanba also said that those teachers who are teaching in the school using unfair means during the examinations shows that the education system of Manipur is a fail system.

Even the current MIL subject question of BOSEM Class X examination is also leak and there is proof of the questions being spread through social media and it has been confirm.

The MIL question was found spread through social media by the intelligence source of DESAM and AIMS at around 8:41 am, he added.

He said, such question leak shows that there are gang members trying to bring bad image to BOSEM and ruin the students career and suspect some teachers might involve in carrying such crime as the questions reaches to the teachers before examinations and before it reach to the hands of the students.

Such act ruin the trust and faith on teachers and teachers who are not suppose to be teachers has become teachers.

Has the ethics of teachers became a joke in the state, Lamyanba suspect.

Lamyanba further said that state government must put up a panel provision as there are no panel provision of the state in connection with the examinations and question leak.

As par Manipur Elementary and Secondary Education Act 1972 and Manipur Higher Secondary Education At 1992, there are no proper provisions on question leakage, copying, impersonation, use of unfair means in examination halls, misconduct of invigilators, etc.

However, for Karnataka Education Act has the provision properly define, Lamyanba asserts.

Later, representatives of DESAM and AIMS submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister which includes suggestions regarding leakage of question paper 2020 and to form a proper penal provision.

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