AR restores disrupted road connectivity

AR restores disrupted road connectivity

TMB Report

IMPHAL: As part of the continued endeavour  towards improving the lives of people of Kana Valley, Assam Rifles restored road connectivity in the remote border village of M Lebanon on Friday.

The unmettalled road was disrupted due to incessant rain and landslides for the past few weeks. The distressed villagers approached Assam Rifles seeking immediate help and assistance. The road being the only lifeline was restored with collective efforts of Assam Rifles and villagers of M Lebanon, IGAR(S) said in a press release.

Assam Rifles lives up to the truism of “Friends of Northeast People” as  the assistance provided by Assam Rifles has given confidence to the locals to regularly bring to the fore their difficulties and work hand-in-hand with Assam Rifles.

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