AR protests caustic comments from local orgs., recalls its dedication to serving the state

AR protests caustic comments from local orgs., recalls its dedication to serving the state

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IMPHAL: Inspector General of Assam Rifles (South) while reacting to onslaught by local organisations against its personnel for allegedly assaulting a lady IPS officer at Khudengthabi post stated that the comments are unfortunate and unwarranted as the case is still under investigation by the police as well as the Assam Rilfes.

In a press release issued on Thursday, IGAR (S) stated that the case is under detailed investigation through a staff court of inquiry ordered by Assam Rifles as also by the State Police.

“It is further brought to the notice of all concerned that the media coverage on the reported incident on January 20, 2020 and the photograph of the lady IPS officer appearing in uniform with a local editor appeared without any preliminary investigations. Due to the mounting false propaganda and prejudicial involvement of various organizations without the knowledge of the case, the press release was issued by the Assam Rifles to bring out the facts of the case to reassure the general public,” it added.

The dignity of the case has been ensured by not releasing the photographic and video evidence to media and it will be shared only with investigating agencies and court, as and when required, the press release stated.

The release also stated that appearance of advocate on behalf of the Jawan to MSCW on January 27, 2020 to facilitate the legal procedure was also done in spirit to honour the institution and bring the facts to its notice.

The statements like “Assam Rifles should be removed from Manipur”, “PVCP Khudengthabi should be closed” and “Hand over of Assam Rifles Post to State Forces” in the media by certain organizations clearly bring out the aim of ultimate narrative being propagated by vested parties.

Hence, the statement of various organizations that Assam Rifles had issued the press release despite the investigation in progress is incongruous, the press release stated.

The press further stated that prevention of smuggling of narcotics has been a focus area of elected governments and therefore has been a mandated task of the Assam Rifles. To save our citizens, especially the Manipuri youth from the menace of drugs, total dedication by Assam Rifles has led to the recovery of over Rs. 500 crore of drugs and contraband items in the year 2019 alone.

Some vested parties benefitting directly or indirectly from smuggling especially drugs therefore have been demanding the removal of Assam Rifles post from NH-102, the press release states.

The press release also further stated that PVCP Khudengthabi is the only post of Assam Rifles on NH-102 where the checking of incoming goods from Moreh is being carried out with the help of modern infrastructure which was purchased by Ministry of Home Affairs.

The inconvenience and delay caused is understandable but checking is required in the larger interest of the Nation and Manipur.

The effort to further reduce the inconvenience to public is already underway for the past few months wherein the proposal to install full body vehicle scanner, portable X-Ray scanner for vehicles and widening of road gets completed, the press release states.

The press release also further reassured to all concerned that Assam Rifles is also committed to provide all possible support and cooperation in the investigation and bring out the facts of the case under independent investigating agencies so that action on erring individual on the either side should be done.

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