AR promotes Fit India Movement

AR promotes Fit India Movement

TMB Report

IMPHAL: To promote ‘Fit India Movement’ launched by Government of India, Assam Rifles organised an event ‘Run for fitness’ and various sports activities at Pallel Garrison on Sunday.

The event was part of the ongoing series of sports and adventure activities planned as part of the Fit India Movement by Assam Rifles, IGAR(S) said in a press release adding that the aim of the event is to inculcate spirit of sportsmanship and adventure among families and children. A total of 20 families & 20 children participated in the run, it said.

This year Covid-19 pandemic has affected both physical and mental health of people due to prolonged lockdown. There is a need to restart the fitness activities so that health can be regained. The participants were encouraged to maintain fitness by devoting time for exercise everyday, the IGAR(S) said.

Physical and mental fitness are both integral parts of a healthy lifestyle and they play crucial roles in development of an individual especially children in all spheres of life. The series of events will continue to help in shaping everyone’s health and achieving the mission of the Fit India Movement.

As the ambassador of the Fit India Movement, Assam Rifles will continue its journey to inculcate spirit of fitness among people, the IGAR(S) said.

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