AR promotes Fit India movement

AR promotes Fit India movement

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Assam Rifles facilitated the successful conduct of 41st Chandel Chavang Sports Meet at Sehao village, Chandel District which was organised from 16 to 24 November.

Necessary assistance in the form of security crowd control and administrative support was provided by Assam Rifles for a safe and smooth conduct of the event.

The event witnessed participation of a  total of 70 teams from various regions of Manipur. The event also promoted sportswomen across various districts by conducting a volleyball competition for them .The closing ceremony witnessed a mix of cultural events followed by a formal closure.

Such events at remote areas showcase the faith of locals in the strengthened security situation provided by Assam Rifles. Assam Rifles also promises to provide full-fledged support for all upcoming sports tournament in the future also.

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