AR assists villagers in fighting fire

AR assists villagers in fighting fire

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Troops of Assam Rifles turned out to be the saviours for the locals of Khullen village of Chandel District on Monday by controlling the spread of a forest fire which broke out at border village of Khullen in Manipur’s Chandel district.

Based on an urgent call for help by the village chief, Linkhankhup, the nearest Assam Rifles quick reaction team rushed to the village with water tank and essential fire fighting equipment to undertake fire fighting.

On reaching the spot, team of Assam Rifles found that the fire had already spread in the vicinity of the village church and was rapidly moving to engulf nearby houses, IGAR(S) said.

Displaying good presence of mind and organisational skills, the Assam Rifles troops quickly created a fire lane to control the spread of the fire to the houses and the church.

Subsequently in an hour long effort they managed to douse out the fire using the water canon and fire-fighting equipment, IGAR(S) said.

The swift action by the troops of Assam Rifles saved the precious life and infrastructure of the villagers.

The village chief and locals  appreciated the efforts and expressed their gratitude for extending timely help and  effectively controlling the dire situation thereby, living upto the old age glory of ‘Friends of Northeast People’.

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