Appoint indigenous Chief Secretary: ATSUM, DESAM and AIMS

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IMPHAL: Reiterating its unequivocal stance on the appointment of an indigenous IAS to the post of the Chief Secretary, All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM), Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) and AIMS has warned that any attempt on the part of the government of Manipur to subvert the collective desire of the people will be opposed tooth and nail.

The three students bodies, in a joint press release signed by Seiboi Haokip (GS, ATSUM), Leishangthem Lamyanba (GS, DESAM) and Khumujam Romem (President, AIMS) reminded the government that the three student bodies had signed an MoU with the government of Manipur in the presence of the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues on the 9th of June, 2018 with the assurance that native officers will be given preference in the appointment of the CS, in future.

But now, we have got inklings that there is an earnest attempt on the part of the government to appoint a non-native IAS officer thereby showing contemptuous rebuff on the MoU all for the arm-twisting of their political bosses at New Delhi and Nagpur, the students’ bodies stated.

It has been observed that a non-local IAS officer who had been on deputation for so many years during his heydays has returned on learning that the CS post’s will be vacant on the 31st of July, they added.

 Let it be known that Manipur cannot afford to have a CS who is bereft of the peoples blessing and our elected representatives but whose loyalty is located somewhere else. After all the appointment of a CS is the Chief Minister’s prerogative which should also be done in harmony with the people’s wishes and sentiments; not because of the arm-twisting of New Delhi and Nagpur, they asserted.

The students’ bodies pointed out that it vexes one’s sentiments on learning that this blue-eyed boy had been swaggering around the secretariat office that his appointment was a fait accompli and none except him will be awarded the CS post. The arrogances he had displayed and the sheer disdain he had shown to his compatriots and subordinates keeps one wondering whether all important political and administrative posts should commenced at Delhi or somewhere else. If this is going to the trend of Manipur’s governance surely we are heading for trouble, they opined.

When we have capable officers who are au fait with the nitty-gritty of Manipur why is there the need to import a non-native officer whose understanding of the ground realities of Manipur, its people, habits, customs, languages, the complexities of dealing with insurmountable problems that the state is afflicted with, etc is at best nil, they questioned. And we have IAS officers who had been diligently serving the state for decades without asking for central deputations all for their zeal to serve their people. If the state government is going to snub this office in favor of a persona non grata surely it is a recipe for ferment and disaster, they stated.

The oft-repeated rebuffed shown by the BJP government on our native IAS cadres has seriously dampened the zeal of our officers and their subordinates.

Lastly, the people of Manipur cannot afford to have another ‘Robert Clive’ who is being fulminated by Indian historians for his insensitivity towards the people of Bengal during the nascent stages of Indian colonialism but who also sailed away with enormous amounts of ill-gotten loots to London after his superannuation.

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