App launched for feedback on Imphal

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Director of Smart City Limited Thingbaijam Harikumar Singh has stated that Imphal Smart City has opened up a mobile app to directly get citizenship feedback of their experiences of the city.

He was speaking at a press conference held jointly by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Development of India, at City Convention, Imphal on Friday.

During his address, he appealed to media to help in mass scale spreading of the information with the objectives of getting maximum feedbacks from the citizens. The main aim of the survey was to determine the Ease of Living and Municipal performance Index, he stated.

He further informed during his speech that Imphal Smart City will start programmes in public areas like colleges, market places and public gatherings from next Monday onwards.

He further appealed to all the citizens to respond and give feedbacks in order to help in the mission for the smart city.

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