ANTA upset at development of Indo-Naga peace talks

ANTA upset at development of Indo-Naga peace talks

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IMPHAL: The Anal Naga Tangpi (ANTA) has said that it was extremely saddened that the hard earned Indo-Naga Political Peace Talks were yet again sailing on rough weather when it is actually time to bring a ray of hope for the permanent peace and progress in the region.

In a press release of ANTA signed by its president and general secretary Phamhring Sengul and Wanglum Jamhing, it was stated that having the political will to solve the long protracted Naga issue will definitely bring peace in the Southeast Asian region. 

The attitude of the Government of India (GoI) for failing to acknowledge the hard earned Indo-Naga Peace Process and not committing to the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement is a clean cheat right on the face of the world’s largest democratic country, ANTA added.

It stated that the motive and intention of Gol to settle the Naga issue by the signing of the infamous Shillong Accord in 1975 has not yielded any positive fruit rather brought sharp division and loss of innocent lives for the Naga people.

However, at this crucial juncture, ANTA appeals the Gol not to repeat history but calls for unity amongst the Naga’s and also appeals both the negotiating team, the Gol and NSCN(IM), to strike the peace deal acceptable and respectable to both, based on the unique history and position of the Nagas covering the entire Naga people and its homeland.

ANTA continued to add that the Naga National Flag was a God given banner for the Nagas which were the symbol of Naga history and identity while the Naga Constitution (Yehzabo) was a sacred letters which reflects the way of life in conformity with its culture, custom and traditional values for the Nagas to practice and to live as one people in peace and tranquility along with its surroundings, it added.

Further, it stated that the Gol not agreeing to the Naga Flag and Constitution after having signed the Framework Agreement was against the agreed principles to bring an honorable permanent political negotiated settlement out of the Indo-Naga Political Talks which initially was being held at the highest Prime Minister’s level, without pre-condition and in the third neutral country since 1997.

Hence, the Anal Naga People fully endorsed the Framework Agreement signed on 3rd August 2015 at the official residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi between the Gol and NSCN (IM) which also appealed to Gol to recognize the Naga Flag and Constitution as the fundamental foundation for a peaceful solution to the long drawn Indo-Naga Political conflict.

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