Another Kangpokpi auto driver’s act of honesty wins hearts

Another Kangpokpi auto driver’s act of honesty wins hearts

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KANGPOKPI: After James Singh, a simple auto driver of Kangpokpi town earned thousands of appreciation and recognition even from Minister Nemcha Kipgen with his act of honesty here is another Auto driver of Kangpokpi town who win thousands  heart with his inspiring and honest act.

Son of Reverend K. Chongloi of Haijang village in Kangpokpi District, 41-year old Ngulkhohao Chongloi, a simple but honest auto driver of Kangpokpi found a bag containing many valuable documents including huge amount of cash and returned it to the owner.

When a local WhatsApp group ‘The Kanggui Post’ broke the story, social media platform had been flooded with appreciation, love and encouragement over the honest act of the auto driver.

Speaking to media persons, Ngulkhohao Chongloi while narrating the story said that on the night of September 8 while returning home from Motbung after dropping passengers he found a grey colour bag between Saparmeina and Gamgiphai around 8-9 PM.

“I was little bit curious initially as what could it be inside the bag but I gathered courage to collect the bag and on reaching home I found many valuable things including huge amount of cash inside the bag. Then I became restless for the owner”, said Chongloi while adding that he immediately search whatsapp groups if any lost article has been published while searching for the contact of the owner inside the bag.

He continued that he was very exhausted but started dialling with his wife any numbers found inside bag and finally one very polite lady received his call and through her he managed to find the owner. Only then I could rest in peace, took bath and had dinner, the auto driver siaid while adding that he met the owner at Kangpokpi town the next day and returned her bag.

Out of happiness, H. Nancy Kipgen from Churachandpur, the owner of bag rewarded the honest auto driver with a memento at the office of Kangpokpi Youth Union in the presence of KYU leaders, Kangpokpi Auto Owners’ Association and Admins of The Kanggui Post today.

H. Nancy Kipgen recalled that on that fateful night she was in a hurry as her mother was not well and she could not recollect as to how her bag had been fallen from her Scooty. I realized only when I reached Gamgiphai and never thought of getting back but returned to Saparmeina and verbally informed the police in case if any honest person reported to them, Nancy said.

I could not believe my ears when I received a call from the auto driver informing me that he found my bag and would like to return it. I was in joy and I have no words to thank him for his honesty which is very rare these days and I also thanked the Admins of The Kanggui Post who really help me a lot, said H. Nancy Kipgen.

The bag contained a cash of Rs. 18,000/-, a medicine worth Rs. 18,200/-, various important documents such as Aadhaar card, PAN Card, ATM Card, Driving Licence, etc.

Father of three children, the honest auto driver Ngulkhohao Chongloi had earlier also returned back Rs. 1,50,000/- to the owner which he found last year just before Christmas day and on several occasion he had also found many phones and wallets which he find out all the owners and returned back safe.

KYU President, Haolet Khongsai and Satlen Kipgen, President, Kangpokpi Auto Owners’ Association lauded the sincerity and honesty of the auto driver and draw the attention of the District Administration and the local Minister to recognize the sincerity of the auto driver to inspire many more others to in doing the act of honesty.

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