Anal CSOs call for abiding by govt rules to help prevent spread of COVID-19

TMB Report

IMPHAL: As follow-up of the orders and directives of the state administration regarding the precautions against the pandemic of Covid-19 in respective localities, the apex civil bodies of the Anal society has declared a “state of emergency” in all Anal villages and further appealed to one and all in and around Chandel district and across Myanmar border to strictly abide by the directives provided by the government authorities.

In a release, the Anal Naga Tribe Association (ANTA) has informed the general public especially the village chiefs, pastors, women and youth bodies to stay vigilant for any suspected case of the disease and report it to the authorities immediately. Everybody is requested to stay home “lock-down” and maintain “social distancing” as there is also an official curfew clamped under 144 CrPC by the district administration till midnight of March 31, 2020 in all areas, it stated. The association has also sought that all social gathering of more than 5 (five) people be discouraged and postponed till good times prevail.

“The families of those who are returning home from outside during this period are requested to kindly report to the village or church authorities for the safety of the family and the community at large. All procedurals and hygienic life style as prescribed by the authorities be followed accordingly. Businessmen are requested to follow ethical lines and avoid illegal activities across the porous Indo-Myanmar border,” the association mentioned in the note.

The Anal apex body while endorsing and extending appreciations to the state government also fervently appealed for bringing and improvement to medical and life support/saving facilities i.e., protective gears, drugs, testing kits, ambulances etc at the earliest in view of the growing number of sick people in the state due to other ailments.

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