AMYPCO calls on govt to intensify war on drugs

TMB Report

IMPHAL:  The All Manipur Youth Protection Committee (AMYPCO) has called upon the state government to intensify the “War on Drugs” as reports available with the state police have confirmed the existence of poppy plantation and drugs manufacturing units in several places in the state.

In a press release of AMYPCO signed by its president Shyam Khuman, it was said that the people of the state have been praising and believing in the leadership of chief minister N. Biren Singh as the people’s government since from the beginning of its term and were expecting that it will bring peace and social justice among the various communities, and at the same time war on drugs will be efficiently waged.

However, several doubts have arisen in the mind of the people now fuelled by the recent case of the loads of contraband drugs being confiscated by the law enforcing agencies in the state recently, it added.

Now, the people are curious and started querying, as to how the drugs were being smuggled into the state and landing into the security personnel’s dragnet very often along the Imphal Moreh road while different border routes have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, the authority concerned is urged to punish the drug traffickers taking the help of the law, the release implored.

According to AMYPCO, drawing from its practical experience during several drives against drugs, the drug kingpins were more often than not found be powerful persons who possess the capacity to divert the judicial process, the note added.

 It also reminded of an incident that happened in 2007 in which four AMYPCO volunteers were arrested by the police for seizing the contraband drugs in a godown which was owned by a cabinet minister and thrown into jail.

The organization clarified that it is not inferring that the present government will behave in the particular manner. However, it noted that the Airport Drug Seizure case, haul of a huge consignment of drugs from an army officer along Imphal-Moreh Road and the case of the former ADC Chandel can be discussed as some examples to emphasise the need for strengthening the mission of war on drugs.

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