AMUCO organises all communities meet for peaceful coexistence

AMUCO organises all communities meet for peaceful coexistence

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IMPHAL: With the aim of ushering a united Manipur and enabling better communication between the different communities and reducing blame game, the All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) organized a 3 day-long residential community leaders’ meet, 2020 at Department of Earth Science, MU on Monday.

While delivering the keynote address, General Secretary of AMUCO Thoithoi Khuman said that due to lack of communication between the different communities, trust deficit, suspicion, laying blame on one another, among others it has been a while that Manipur is plagued with different types of violence, which have presented road block to living with a free mind and stability. Incidentally, during such a juncture, the Indian administration has taken up specific steps to exploit the natural resources available here. While the indigenous people of Manipur are going through such precarious phase, they are also having to deal with a fresh assault, the one arising from massive influx of outsiders.

“Even though the people of the indigenous communities are endowed with abundant potential due to lack of the unity, we are enduring the woes of our own making and lagging behind in the course of development. It will be difficult to successfully overcome the longstanding challenges being faced by the people of Manipur as separate entities. Because of disunity among us, the outsiders are taking advantages of us. The leaders meet has been convened to provide an opportunity to the leaders of different community to express their areas of suspicion and distrust without any inhibition and thereafter jointly take up the task of paving the path for a good future,” said Thoithoi.

He further said that in order to solve the unnatural problems lying in front of the people of Manipur, we have to recollect a particular incident particular incident that took placed in segregated Germany. The Germany in consideration was divided into two namely, East Germany and West Germany and there was a high level of mutual hatred. But the communities in both hills and valley in Manipur have not gone as far as experiencing the degree of hatred witnessed between the two German nations that saw the building of the Berlin wall.

In conclusion, he said that, as we can foresee the threat to destruct our land endowed with rich resource by mother nature through the hands of man, particularly the designs of rich co-operate from outside of state, who have set an eyes on establishing industries and ravaging the environment, there is an immediate need for whole communities to deliberate minutely on these issues. This point is exactly one of objective of holding the leaders meet. If there is misunderstanding between us, it will lead to information gap and ascend to the level of trust deficit triggering serious conflicts. Unless, the communities in the state come in unison to face the problems at the appropriate time there will be no promoting future for every community. He appealed to let us live together; let us grow together and let us fight together.

Addressing as the presidential speech during the residential community leaders meet, president of AMUCO Pheiroijam Nando Luwang said that we have to examine deeply and diagnosed the chronic symptoms with us and apply the medicine at the earliest. This is the reason why AMUCO is organizing such a residential community leaders’ meet on some exclusive topics in the search for peaceful co-existence. Now, it is the right time to examine the chronic problems afflicting us, if not it will be meaningless have CSOs and similar organizations in the state. In this situation, especially in the hilly region the mainland India is trying to influence the arrival of multinational cooperation and trying to exploit the various natural resources found in the hilly region of Manipur. If there is misunderstanding between the different communities, there will be lots of problems between us. Let us all stop thinking for one community along and instead let us start thinking for one Manipur, he said.

The main reason of organizing the residential community leaders meet is to overcome the misunderstanding between the communities through discussion under one platform. Only through love, we can bring understanding between the different communities. It is the right time to think and work for a better future.  Let us all come forward with unison for further development of the State, he said.

President of Kuki Inpi Manipur Khaimang Chongloi said that it is a historic meet adding that we have been existing together since time memorial. Every small and large community has their own problems and issues. For this reason, we are all gather here in to resolve the problems and take resolutions through sharing different opinions of the various leaders assembled at the meet.

Chongloi further said that we all live together to learn from one another; we live to support one another; we live together to co-operate with one another for posterity. If such thoughts do not between the communities, it will not be good for the future of Manipur.

Manipur University Professor Amar Yumnam and General Secretary of Rabita Madaris Arabia Manipur Mufti Salatur Rahman attended as the main dignitaries at the leaders meet.

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