AMUCO Observes 27th Foundation Day

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IMPHAL: The All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) celebrated its 27th Foundation Day at Senate Hall, Earth Science Department of Manipur University on Wednesday.

The remarkable event was graced with a candle lightening ceremony by Khaidem Mani, Acting Chairperson of Manipur Human Rights Commission as the Chief Guest, Pheiroijam Nando Luwang as President, who is also the current President of AMUCO and Preyshorjit Shanglakpam, Chairman of MD SP Group of industries as the guest of honor, respectively.

As one of the Founding member of AMUCO, Khaidem Mani recollects all the bygone memories of how this fronted civil body’s organization was formed and has helped in various unforgettably and critical situations the state had ever faced over decades, especially on Manipur territorial integrity.

He proudly assured on the believed that Manipur will never disintegrate in whatever issues or problems may come as far as on integrity of Manipur is concerned.

He clarified that every early issues which have faced previously and still taking accounts into presently are always of somebody’s personal vested interest.

He urged all the forefront and apex bodies of all the Organization to stand firmly on Manipur’s integrity instead, despised of demanding separate homeland and administrative councils.

Khaidem Mani proposed all the civil organizations of the state to have the spine of collective efforts and measurements for conducting free and fair elections of 2022 which is the only option left out to choose in bringing out promising future prominent leaders in the state.

The essence of peaceful co-existence with the sense of belongingness and integration of the state must prevail in every day today life, he stated.

President of AMUCO, Pheiroijam Nando Luwang had also expressed his contented speeches on ideas and inspirations of how to regain trust deficit within the people of all the various communities living together in the state.

He said that all of us must realize and stand together on the longing common interest and demand of the people in which civil organizations are heading as fronting bodies representing the whole population.

He also sought attention of all the organization and apex bodies in facing problems like creating hatred and misunderstanding vested by certain people for their personal and political interest. He shortened his speech by giving tributes to all the founding members, leaders of every organization with common objectives and especially the role of women in our society and its struggles in the state.

In advance of its 27th Foundation Day AMUCO organised and held a continuing Three Days Residential Community Leaders Meet on the theme,

‘’Peaceful Co- Existence, Exploration of Natural Resources, and on Misunderstanding amongst the Communities’’

Some points of agreement concluded together as an outcome of the continuing residential community meet consisted of building up peaceful co-existence of all the communities within the state. Support of each other in crucial stage despites of swimming in the tide of the external force. Recognition of ownership rights of indigenous people over their land and resources. Any development of the intervention over the land should not be pursued without the consent and without recognizing self-determined development of indigenous peoples of the state. And finally, the communities should stand and struggle together to defend the land and resources of the state.

On the second session of the first day of inauguration, Social Scientist Dr. Dhanabir Laishram presented and interactive talk on peaceful co-existence, which was followed by deliberations and observations by various community leaders and special invitees.

On the first session of the second day, Environmentalist Mr. Jiten Yumnam began with an interactive talk on the prospects and challenges in exploration of natural resources.

Mr. jubilates of VVD and advisor of UNMM U. Nobokishore also presented with an interactive talk on Remedial Measures for misunderstanding amongst the communities.

The All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) is an apex body of a large number of local clubs, voluntary organizations and associations in Manipur.

AMUCO, since its inception in 1993 has been engaging in a lot of commendable activities which among others strive to bring about unity, peace and development for the people of Manipur irrespective of caste, creed, color or race.

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