AMUCO extends Ningol Chakkouba greetings

AMUCO extends Ningol Chakkouba greetings

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Imphal: The All Manipur United Clubs Organization (AMUCO) has extended its heartiest greeting to all the married women and to all different communities existing in the state for a long lives and peaceful co-existence and joyful life with the approaching of the auspicious festival of “Ningol Chakkouba.”

In a press release of AMUCO signed by its president Pheiroijam Nando Luwang, it was stated that the main objective of celebrating the Ningol Chakkouba festival is to enhance the bonds of love. The festival is very unique and it strengthens the bonds of love and affection between brothers and sisters.

Ningol Chakkouba is not only the biggest traditional festival of the Meitei community, but also the objective of bringing in all the married women of different communities existing in Manipur.

Most of the gifts that the married woman gives to her parental house for their brothers and the gifts that are extended by their brothers to the sisters are now mainly non local products instead of products found in Manipur.

The principles of Ningol Chakkouba festival have been slowly changing due to interference of some individuals which is unacceptable. The gifts which are exchanged during the festival between the brother and sister cannot be exceeded in value by any precious gifts of the world. Even there are many brothers who have not been able to offer a feast and gift to their beloved sister.

Due to a trend of offering expensive gifts, the festival of bonds of love and affection between brother and sister has been slowly changing, and has been turned into a worthless festival of material competition, AMUCO said in the release.

On the other hand, the Northern United Clubs’ Organization (NUCO) also extended their wholehearted greeting to all the married women in the state in anticipation of the Ningol Chakkouba festival.

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