AMUCO assures to extend all possible support for justice to Laishram Angamba

AMUCO assures to extend all possible support for justice to Laishram Angamba

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Imphal: The All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) on Tuesday expressed that the organization will extend all possible support to provide justice for Laishram Angamba, who was found brutally tortured and hanging on August 15, 2020 at Ningthoukhong located under Bishnupur district.

In a press release of AMUCO signed by its secretary publicity Brojen Irom, it was stated that a Joint Action Committee (JAC) was formed against the death of Laishram Angamba and protests with the full participation of people were held demanding justice for the departed soul and for capital punishment to all the individuals involved in the incident.

It was said that as of now even the accused person is yet to be arrested which meant that justice is yet to be delivered for the killing. The organization said that it will participate in every protest that will be taken up by the JAC and the people of that place in connection with his death.

After this unfortunate incident, another tragic incident occurred which was of the gang rape of a minor girl who was found lying unconscious at a place under Imphal west district on September 2, 2020. The organization appealed that the state government turn into action the promises made in connection with the tragic incident. The people in the state want fast action and punishment related to various crimes of cruelty but unfortunately from time to time the state government has been delaying in delivering justice. Thus, the people have started asking the big question whether the various promises given by the Government before the public are done in sincerity. Fulfilling the needs of people at the right time can be counted as a good sign of governance, it added.   

The release further recalled the unfortunate incident happened at Churachanpur bazar on September 4, 2020, when robbers shot to dead an individual named Arambam Ranjan, who was a Riter Self Guard Company of State Bank of India CCpur Main branch while the victims and his colleagues was trying to deposit money worth amount of Rs. 1.15 crore in different ATM booths. In connection with the incident, a statement of shutting down all the ATM booths has been announced if the state government fails to arrest the culprits on or before September 9, 2020 and different kinds of protest have been threatened. In this regard, AMUCO stated that it will always stand against tragic incidents/crimes happening in the state. It also shared its grief to all the departed souls, saying that the AMUCO condemned in the strongest terms such cruel crimes.

It will be better to take up measures to stop the happening of such brutal crimes instead of taking up steps after the brutal crimes take place. So in order to stop the origin of the crimes we, all the people, and police department need joint effort to stop the availability of intoxicants/drugs first. If the police department puts an effort at their best level, it will not be hard to stop from stopping the sale of intoxicants/drugs. At the same time the state government should have political will. We need to strengthen the mission of the state government mission “War against Drug” in order to avoid or stop the drug lords/kingpins who have been doing business freely. The organization firmly believed that in order to minimize the numbers of crimes, we need to stop the presence of all kinds of drugs/intoxicants in the state through honesty and sincere efforts by the state government and stakeholders, said the statement.

In conclusion, it stated that to stop and avoid all kinds of crimes and tragic incidents, the state government need to make a long lasting policy in order to bring peace in the society.

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