AMSU seeks punishment for drug kingpin Lhokhusei Zou

AMSU seeks punishment for drug kingpin Lhokhusei Zou

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IMPHAL: The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has sought punishment of former Chandel ADC Lhukhosei Zou for his involvement in drug trafficking while expressing dissatisfaction with the authorities for their treatment towards MPS officer Th Brinda and putting a rare breed of police officer who is resolutely pledged to her responsibility on the altar.

In a press release issued by its publicity and information secretary Lunphao Lupheng, it was said that the drugs have been playing the roles of destroying the upcoming young generation in the society and the students’ organisations and voluntary organizations felt suspicious about the intent of the government due to the manner of its interference in smuggling of drugs cases which had very much affected the life of many youths.

AMSU said people are doubtful on whether the case of drug haul from L Zou will proceed in the right direction since there is involvement of accused like him from the ruling political party in the case. It countered the course of justice adopted by the state administration saying that an accurate trial and justice can be delivered only by an independent agency in this particular case.

The AMSU took the matter of the persecution of the MPS officer and former NAB additional SP Brinda by the government for her act of capturing the alleged drug kingpin  Lukhosei Zou, the note stated while acknowledging Brinda as one of the few dutiful police officers in the state. Moreover, the public were in for another rude awakening after the controversy over exertion of pressures on the lady officer from several quarters including the chief minister, when the latter served Rs 50 crores defamation suit against 11 parties, including publishers and editors of the local media, AMSU added.

AMSU declared that it stands with the Brinda for justice, while exhorting the civil society organizations, meirapaibi groups clubs, student organizations, and human rights organization not to stay silent in this juncture for taking advantageous position in molding a better future generations and parting with the evilness in the society.

Further, AMSU said that all the major drug related cases had obviously been interfered by influential persons which is why they have been kept as pending case till now.

On the other side the government has been continuously fooling the right to freedom of speech and expression given to the citizen according to article of Indian Constitution. AMSU appreciated Supreme Court judgement which ruled the 66A IT as unconstitutional which has made many individuals as victims being deprived of their right to speech in social media.

AMSU stated that it has faith upon the judicial system and that it will ultimately deliver justice and punish those culprits involved in the drug cases without showing any partiality.

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