AMSU raises issue of Manipuri language in Assam

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IMPHAL: Assam Manipuri people settled in the different parts of North East India have been facing many inconveniences after being deprived of recognition of Manipuri language by the present Assam government, said All Manipur Students’ Association (AMSU).    

In a press release of AMSU signed by publicity and information secretary Lungphao Lupheng, it was stated that the fate of Manipuri language which was included in 8th Schedule under Indian Constitution is insecure in Assam and condemned the partiality view of the Assam government upon the Manipuri students.   

The Manipuris in Assam have also been facing difficulty in terms of employment at government applying jobs as they have qualifications in Manipuri language which is not unrecognized by the concerned state of Assam, he added.

Mention may be made that Manipuri language was firstly started being part of the syllabus in the lower primary school in 1956, Middle English school in 1963 and High School standard later on. It has even reached the level of Master and PhD finally through the hard effort made by the Assam Manipuris, the union said.

However, the Manipuri students who took Manipuri subject are not still permitted to sit in the Assam Public Service Commission examinations without qualification in Assamese, Bengali or Bodo languages under the Assam Public Service Commission Amendment Rule of August 5, 2019 as no alternative subjects were offered to the concerned students, he added.   

It continued to mention that Manipur CM had once given an assurance to Assam Manipuris for securing their rights during his visit to Cachar. The West Bengal government will not remain silent if the Bengalis are the sufferer, so the Manipur government should not stay silent about this important issue pertaining to the Manipuris, AMSU added.

The AMSU further expressed its concern towards the Assam government asserting that it was unreasonable to discriminate against the Assam Manipuris while numbers more than 5 lakhs residing in the 13 districts of Assam.

Hence, AMSU stated that the Assam government should consider Manipuri language in the same weight as Assamese, Bengali and Bodo and recognize it in the official associate language of Assam respecting the United Nations Declaration on the rights of person belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities Act.

The AMSU stated that it support with vehemence the protest taken out by All Assam Manipuri Students’ Union (AAMSU), Manipuri Youths Front Assam (MYFA) and various CSOs exerting pressures for recognition of Manipuri language in Assam, AMSU added.

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