AMSU condemns admission process of private schools

AMSU condemns admission process of private schools

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IMPHAL: The All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has condemned the manner of admission process in some private schools, stating that it was completed within a few days on first come first serve basis based on aggregates of marks at the board examinations. The criteria adopted by these schools is a deprivation of rights of the students’ community and done with the intention of taking advantage of the lockdown, the union alleged.

The HRD Secretary of AMSU HQ Bruce Pebam gave the information during a press meet held at its office on Saturday.

Bruce Pebam said that completing the admission process within a short period of time through online process, that too on a first come first serve basis, is a deprivation of rights of the entire student’s community because in Manipur, opportunity of online admission process or E-services is not accessible throughout the state.

He said that AMSU have not taken the matters very lightly stating that the students were called for admission personally by some private schools based on their marks secured in the board examinations. Is private institutions/schools established only for the students who secured higher marks in the examination, and not accessible for all students, asked AMSU. So such kind of ongoing admission process should not be made valid, added the HRD Secretary of AMSU.

He further said that the state government and student’s bodies have appealed against collection of monthly fees, van fees etc during the lockdown period because there is loss of incomes generation across the nation and in Manipur too. On the other hand, many of the institutions/schools have been opened as quarantine centres. But, unfortunately some private schools are putting pressure on students to pay schools fees and giving a burden to their parents/guardians and depriving the rights of the student’s community, he said.

He also further stated that the process of ‘purchasing the HSLC position holders’ by spending lakhs of rupees by some private school’s after visiting their respective houses have turned education into commercial sector and demanded that such practice should be stopped. If AMSU catches them in the act red handed the students will face problem while the schools could be shut down for forever, he said and on behalf of the union appealed to all stakeholders to inform the students’ union if such kind of incidents are encountered.

Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown situation across the country and in the state, the career of the entire students are in precarious condition, he stated and appealed to the state government to make a policy in order to increase the intake capacity of both private and government institutions/schools in the State. It can be mentioned that the Commissioner of Education (S) had issued a notification not to take any fees from the students during the lockdown, which some schools have abided but many schools have turned a deaf ears and asked the parents to pay monthly fees in advance of few months taking excuse of online classes which AMSU terms as rubbish.

The school authorities which claimed that without the school fees of the students, the school’s authority would not be able to pay the monthly salaries of the teachers’ community was very unfortunate. The monthly salaries of the teachers can be released easily from the fund of the school management board and financial board of the respective schools without the fees of the students, he added.

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