AMSU ambushes shops overpricing customers

AMSU ambushes shops overpricing customers

TMB Report

Imphal: A special team consisting of 15 volunteers of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has carried out a drive in main commercial area of the city namely Dharamsala, Alugali, Masjid Road, and Nagamapal areas with focus on shops selling daily essential items to check price hike and wrongdoings by the traders.

In a press release of AMSU it was said that the main objective of the drive was to check the prices of the daily essential items on the suspicion that they are being sold at inflated rates even at the time of immense hardship to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The drive was conducted targeting the wholesale shops and retailers’ shops which were selling the essential items at higher rates that the shop owners and dealers had set at their own will.

The students’ body said that the shop owners or dealers should not set the price of the items for their selfish reasons and should display the price list in-front of their shops so that the customers could have a clear idea about the present prices.

The students’ union also stated that during the drive they came across the shops selling expired and fungus infested items. Later, on the behest of its volunteers the essential items were disposed of in front of their respective shops. It was said that similar drives will be continued in different parts of the state. The students’ union also directed all the shop owners and dealers to display a price list of their merchandise, stop selling or hoarding spoiled and expired essential items, and not to betray the customers, said the release. 

The union demanded the state government and concerned authority to announce the fixed rates of the essential items with transparency at the earliest in order to regulate the sale of the same items at a fixed rate by all shop owners and dealers.

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