AMPFA urges govt to device mechanism for farmers

TMB Report  

IMPHAL: The All Manipur Progressive Farmers’ Association (AMPFA) has urged the government to devise a mechanism so that the farmers can start cultivation work in their fields at the earliest in spite of the lockdown and curfew related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a statement, the association made a mention of the global influence in terms of reduction in the scale of production from the Covid-19 pandemic and predicted that due to the lockdown all over the world products in the primary and secondary sectors will witness a massive decrease. The state government and other concerned authorities should look into the matter very seriously in order to prevent people of the state from starving, it added.

The products grown by the farmers (or poor people) will be purchased by rich people and the former will continue to suffer. Today, the work culture is falling lower and lower in Manipuri society and has resulted in dropping down in the production of agriculture items. On top of this the farmers are facing the challenges from global climate change, the statement said.

In order to tackle all the difficulties, we need to have proper planning starting from right now, the association stated, adding that it want the state government to take up measures so that the farmers in the state can go and work in the paddy field at the earliest. Let us all join hands together in order to protect from Covid-19 pandemic and also let us all work hard to increase production in order to make the state self-sustainable, it added.

The association also drew the attention of the government to check the sale of basic commodities at inflated rated by vested shopkeepers, mentioning that though the phenomenon is widespread across the world stringent actions are warranted to reduce the suffering of the already burdened people of the state.

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