AMPFA demands special policy for farmers during pandemic

AMPFA demands special policy for farmers during pandemic

TMB Report

Imphal : All Manipur Progressive Farmers Association (AMPFA) demanded the state government to take up special policy and program for the farmers in the state during the Covid 19 pandemic.

According to a press statement released by AMPFA the thought of surviving on imported food products should be abandoned by the people specially during the Covid pandemic as the people have been facing deficit in availability of food products.

Stating that the importance of farming and producing local food products must be embedded in the mind of the people, the statement said the failure of drafting a long term policy by the government has caused a major setback of the process of successful food production in the state. 

The farmers have been facing many problems from the previous year and again similar problems have arisen in this year also which shows the failure of the  government, it added.

The organisation appealed to the government to take up special programs to prevent the shortage of pesticides and fertilizers this year as similar problems have caused mass destruction to the farmers in the previous year.

Questioning if the statements made by concerned ministers that farmers will not face any problems, would be made true or if the statement made were mere words, AMPFA appealed to the government for equal distribution of the pesticides and fertilizers to every farmers unlike the previous year for which the essentials were given only to farmland patta holders. 

It appealed for the distribution to be reached to farmers of every local clubs, loumee lups, panchayats and to every government agencies.

AMPFA appreciated the initiative of the state government in establishing marketing portal MOMA where farmers can sell their products. However, it stated that MOMA cannot purchase every farm products in the state and hence, appealed the government to enhance program and policy guidelines for farmers to sell their products under different marketing agencies and that working with loumee lups, farmers and agencies will help in successful marketing of the farm products in the state.

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