AMNM expresses concern on discharging of COVID-19 patients

TMB Report

IMPHAL: All Manipur Nupi Marup has conveyed its concern over the criteria for discharging of Covid-19 patients who were undergoing treatment and have recovered with negative result, stating that a standard process of two more consecutive negative results should be obtained before further advice for home quarantine is given.

In a press release issued by AMNM Secretary Sumatibala, it was stated that the medical professionals of both JNIMS and RIMS have made profound contributions in curbing Covid-19 challenges in the state. But, it will be a matter of relief and help in eliminating uncertainty if the recovered patients are re-tested for at least two times after the outcome of their first negative result to ensure that they are completely recovered from the infection of the virus before advising them to proceed for home quarantine, added the press release.

It further stated that though a kind hearted person has gifted land for the purpose of building a separate hospital for Covid-19 at Langthabal, the government and the authorities of the two medical institutes did not consider the offer seriously. Now, the wards of both JNIMS and RIMS are occupied with uninterrupted increase in positive cases of Covid-19, and approaching a situation where there will be no spaces for other non- Covid-19 related patients, the note stated.

The aftermath of discharged inmates turning out positive again during their home quarantine, and declaration of the whole area in the vicinity of their homes as containment zone is a challenging problem that the medical frontline workers are facing in trying circumstances, added the press release.

The prevailing circumstances will lead to mental issues among the inmates and also the general people residing in the state as well. Therefore, the organization appealed the state government to take consideration of the matters while going ahead with collective strategies to fight against Covid-19.

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