AMMUC stresses need for sustainable local economy on May Day

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The All Manipur Upliftment Center (AMMUC) observed International Workers’ Day which is recognized as a special occasion for all the working class at its head office at B T Road on Saturday by adhering to social distancing norms, the centre stated in a press release.

Tributes were paid to members of the centre who passed away during the intervening year namely former president Haobam Sanajaoba and ex vice-president Damu and two minutes silence was observed as a mark of respect to the departed souls. In addition, AMMUC through the observation sent warm greetings to all the working class people in the world on the occasion.

The meeting reckoned that there is a challenge of emergency healthcare due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As a response to prevent the infection of the virus, lockdown has been imposed all over the nation which has given maximum hardship to daily wage earners and labourers. The members of AMMUC discussed the means for realization of its ultimate goal is to prepare an industrious breed of native people who will bring a revolution in Manipur and create a self-sustaining economy from the support provided by an egalitarian society.

An important resolution adopted at the meeting concerned the realization that migrant workers who have controlled a wide array of line of work with good income generation will be left with no choice but leave them only when the local people starts to take up the same jobs. There is no scenario of migrant workers in Manipur showing desperation to leave for their home places as is happening in the rest of the nation, the centre stated while giving its views that it will be wise on part of the state government to make arrangement for their safe passage to their home states until the Covid-19 pandemic is overcame.

At the same time, the centre appealed to the state administration to make it a priority to provide food items, face masks, sanitizers and other essential items to workers who are staying on guard at the three Ima Keithel to protect the properties of the vendors and other goods during the lockdown.

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