<strong>‘Alertness and discipline key to defeating Covid19 pandemic’ </strong>

‘Alertness and discipline key to defeating Covid19 pandemic’

PIB/ TMB Report

IMPHAL: Changing our behaviour, alertness and discipline are the keys to successfully preventing the spread of Covid19 pandemic in the country till an effective vaccine reaches the people. These views were express by the experts at a webinar on ‘Covid19 Appropriate behaviour campaign’ organized by Press Information Bureau and Field Outreach Bureau, Aizawl today.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Irene Lalruatkimi, Associate Professor and Head,  Department of Mass Communication, Mizoram University called upon the media to publish and broadcast success stories related to Covid19 pandemic to ensure that each and every person is aware of his responsibilities towards himself, his family and society. She added that media should ensure that the coverage of Covid19 is not politicised. She said that effective use of social media will go a long way in spreading the message. She suggested that people should develop habits like non-verbal communication done from a distance to ensure a higher degree of safety.

Dr Pachuau Lalmalsawma, Spokesperson and State Nodal Officer for COVID-19, Mizoram Government gave a brief overview of the efforts being undertaken by the state government in enforcing the SoPs. He said that although our defence against Covid19 is not costly, it does require a high degree of alertness and discipline. He said that the society needs to adapt to this new situation and will have to change their behaviour pattern for long time to come. As an instance he pointed out that due to our very nature and upbringing, maintaining social distancing is proving to be more difficult than we realize. He said that we notice that proper use of mask is not a universal phenomenon yet. For these changes to become an integral part of our lives, he said that media has to play a huge role.

Speaking in the webinar, S N Pradhan, Additional Director General, North East Region, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, congratulated the media for performing their duty by highlighting the positive and negative developments with relation to the implementation of the Covid19 SoPs. He said that we do notice that in the current festival season, people are often flouting the safety norms, and so the job of the government and the media is by no means over.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Abhishek Dayal, Director, PIB Imphal said that today we have the good news of a breakthrough in development of a vaccine, but cautioned that it may take some time before the vaccine reaches each and every citizen. He said that we cannot afford to relax our vigil during this period. He added that for ensuring that the appropriate behavioural changes become a part of lives of all the citizens, officials and media will have to work in tandem and plug all the weak points regarding implementation of SoPs that are noticed in society.

In his concluding remarks, Shri Shariq Noor, Assistant Director, PIB Aizwal thanked the experts for highlighting the need for being vigilant. He said that although Mizoram has been able to limit the number of cases and fatalities, there is no scope for being complacent.

The webinar was attended by over 20 officials of the North East Zone, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, members of the media and officials of state government.

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