Aids and Assistive Devices distributed to selected 100 Disabled Senior Citizens and PwDS

Aids and Assistive Devices distributed to selected 100 Disabled Senior Citizens and PwDS

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Imphal: Aids and Assistive Devices were distributed to about 100 selected Disabled Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities (PwDS) (DIVYANGJAN) under Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana (RVY) and AIDP Scheme on Tuesday.

The Aids and Assistive Devices were distributed on the occasion of Samajik Adhikarita Shivir organised by Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), Kanpur in association with Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Social Justice & Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DIVYANGJAN), Government of India at City Convention, Imphal.

The distributed Aids and Assistive Devices for Disabled Senior Citizens are Spectacle, Denture, Wheelchair, Walking Stick, Hearing Aids, Elbow Crutches and fold-able walker and for People with Disabilities (PwDs) are Tricycle, Wheelchair, Axillary Crutches, Smart Tablets, MSIED Kit, Rollator, CP Chairs, Hearing Aids, Walking Stick and Elbow Crutches.

The occasion witnessed the presence of DC Imphal West N. Praveen, Deputy Secretary Social Welfare Department Bantee Singh Konthoujam, Director Social Welfare Department Ng. Uttam Singh and other officials of Social Welfare Department as Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, President and special invitees respectively.

Speaking on the occasion DC Imphal West N. Praveen said that before he was posted as DC of Imphal West District, he witness Social Welfare Department as one of the slowest department to execute its duties for differently abled persons, but in the last few years, with well educated, work enthusiast taking charge of the department, a big change is witness are executing their duties in less time ahead.

The DC appreciated Social Welfare Department for working hard to provide the time to time aids required by the differently abled persons on time.

The DC further said that among the differently abled persons there are also many well gifted skills differently abled persons who have brought names of Manipur State in different fields as well as for India too.

The initiative and hard work of the Social Welfare department in trying to develop and promote the differently abled persons so that they can also live among the abled persons equally is highly appreciable, he added.

Director Social Welfare Department Ng. Uttam Singh said that Social Welfare Department in association with ALIMCO has organised many assessment programmes, but out of 16 district, only 4 district has been able to cover so far and among these 4 district there are many places where they are unable to reached.

He said, among these 4 districts, 4000 equipment’s is available so far, that means 1000 equipment’s at each district and if it for 16 districts than for 16000 persons with disabilities.

Such equipment’s should be provided by the Social Welfare Department, but whether is it due to less publicity or not, equipment’s could not be provided as few differently abled persons took part in the assessment programme. However, after knowing the benefits of the assessment programme, those who did not participated will come running seeking for the equipment’s, which is vert unfortunate, he added.

Ng. Uttam further said that the assessment programme is held once after 3 years and appeals to the differently abled persons to take part in it as much possible as they can so that they can avail the facilities which they required.

They are also planning to organised the assessment programme at other districts, however due to Covid-19 pandemic, the programme is kept on hold, he added.

Ng. Uttam expressed unfortunate over some people seeking to provide wheelchair at the Social Welfare Department just for a simple accident related injuries that can be heal easily and even if they provide the wheelchair, the department will suffer losses rather than gain and urged not to do such thing.

If they have skills in developing or innovative ideas, then apply at the start-up programme and get enroll and get the benefits get productive to the society, he added.

Ng. Uttam also said that the newly invented battery run wheelchair, 2 numbers, by ALIMCO has been tested in Manipur in different conditions and the feedback has been forwarded. These wheelchairs can run upto 40 to 50 kms in full battery charge.

Such newly invented electronic wheelchairs which cost around Rs. 70,000 will be made available to the differently abled persons from the Social Welfare Department side, it may be in subsidize rate.

Ng. Uttam said that few percentages has been kept reserved for the differently abled persons in the start-up programme, so if any of the differently abled persons have skills and innovative ides, apply it and get the benefits and also appeals to the people to give support to them so that they can share or contribute their parts for a better quality society.

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