ADC Senapati vegetables for IQCs at Kpi

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI: Autonomous District Council, Senapati today provided huge quantity of vegetables for Institutional Quarantine Centres at Kangpokpi and COVID Emergency Food Kiosk established by ADC Sadar Hills.

Forty bags of cabbage were ferried by the ADC Senapati in one DI Tata and hand over two bags to KWWO leaders at COVID Emergency Food Kiosk and the rest were hand over to KCC, the centralized catering kitchen for inmates of various Institutional Quarantine Centres.

The bulky vegetable was handed over by Benjamin Tao, Executive Member of ADC Senapati on behalf of the ADC Senapati this morning.

Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization and Kangpokpi Youth Union, in-charge of the COVID Emergency Food Kiosk, an initiative of ADC Sadar Hills thanked the ADC Senapati for their assistance in catering the returnees at the District Screening Centres.

Meanwhile, Kangpokpi Christian Church who take the responsibility of catering and delivering food for the inmates of IQCs for one month also thanked ADC Senapati in providing the bulky vegetables for the inmates at various IQCs.

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