Academic activities in colleges paralysed by FEGOCTA strike

TMB Correspondent: Academic activities have been paralysed in the colleges of the state due to class boycott by FEGOCTA.

Earlier on Saturday (February 01), the college teachers’ association had resolved to boycott academic activities in colleges from Monday (February 1) demanding that the state government issue orders (cabinet approval) for the implementation of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018 at the earliest.

Federation of Government College Teachers’ Association, Manipur is the only teachers’ body in the state which has launched a series of agitations demanding 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018.

On the first day of class boycott and sit in protests in all the government colleges on Monday, the academic activities in the state government colleges were paralysed.

As a part of the agitation, a sit in protest was also held on Monday at Churachandpur College. Leaders, members of FEGOCTA and teachers of Lamka College took part at the sit-in.

Meanwhile, in a press statement released and signed by the general secretary of FEGOCTA Dr.N.Somorendro, it was  said that after the cease work by FEGOCTA the state cabinet had approved in principle the demand on 29 November  2019.The cease work was suspended by FEGOCTA due to a written assurance and placing full faith to the government leadership. However, after more than 63 days had elapsed since the Cabinet gave the approval in principle, the government had again ignored the genuine demands of FEGOCTA. “The college teachers should not be forced to resume cease work. Hence, FEGOCTA appealed once again to implement the national policy of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations 2018 at the earliest,” the release added.

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