ACA, ALT question distribution of rice in Chandel

TMB Report

CHANDEL: Two major civil bodies of the Anal community of Chandel have raised doubts and questioned on the distribution of rice in view of the lockdown following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Sng. Lumdil, President of Anal Chief Association (ACA) stated that while Chief Minister had declared distribution of rice at 4 kgs per person or 20 kgs for families with five, families in Chandel got only 6 kgs to 10 kgs max per family.

Stating that rice has been distributed as per the number of ration card holders, Sng. Lumdil, on behalf of the Anal villages have appealed the concerned authority to take appropriate steps and allocate rice accordingly so that everyone avails the benefits as announced by the Chief Minister.

The ACA President also stated that the allocation of rice should not only be for ration card holders but rather every member in the village.

“If it is only for the ration card holders, then we will consider that it is only the lip service (bluff)/declaration by the chief minister for every citizens of the state,” Lumdil stated.

Ruwnglar Elly, Presidnent of Anal Lenrul Tangpi (ALT) also stated that those concerned have failed to distribute rice at the correct amount or quantity.

“If there are five members in a household 20 kgs of rice should be distributed freely,” the ALT president state. However, it seems to have fallen on the deaf ears of the people as some villages distributed only 5 kgs of rice to every household, some 6 kgs, 7 kgs and 8 kgs, in contrary to the CM repeated announcement of 4 kgs for every citizen, Elly stated.

Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic is a war like situation, Elly has requested the concerned authority to booked the defaulters under the law of the land as quick as possible and provide 4 kgs of rice to every citizen of Chandel.

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