About 20 villages under CCpur district reel under inadequate food supply

TMB Report

IMPHAL: Nearly about 22 villages in Loktak Project Area under Henglep Sub-division of Churachandpur district in Manipur are reeling under inadequate essential food items due to lockdown and have called upon the authority to heed their demands for immediate survival needs.

Spokesperson of the Chief Association of the Villages, Solomon Phaomei informed that the area has a total of about 22 villages with a population of little over 20,000 with around one thousand households belonging to the minority tribe of CCpur district, like Rongmei, Chiru, Aimol, Chothe tribes.

Speaking from their recent experience, he informed that the ration supplied by local authority through the MLA to the villagers pertaining with the lockdown has been very insufficient to make both ends meet. Though the CM of Manipur promised to provide not less than 4 kg of rice per head, only 2.5 kg were provided in the first phase and 3.5 kg in second phase, which was proven to be inadequate.

He also said that due to lockdown the villagers were not able to procure dry ration from the market due to deficiency of money, as most of them are daily wagers and live hand-to mouth and nothing has been provided so far like dal, oil or other items besides the staple rice. The villager leader appealed the state government/authority to look into the matter and to do the needful immediately.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Rongmei Naga Student Organisation (RNSO) Jeanthui Panmei stated the area has been lagging behind in most of development works and is at a disadvantage due to its remoteness. And being a minority tribe, in Kuki predominant district, they felt left out by the authority.

One of lady villager also expressed her regrets that due to the lockdown, they could not sell any vegetable and most of what they planted has become wasted because of the present situation.

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