5th Foundation Day of IMSCOM held

5th Foundation Day of IMSCOM held

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IMPHAL: The 5th Foundation Day of Indigenous Minorities Socio- Cultural Organisation Manipur (IMSCOM) was held on Friday at Amity hall Adimjati Khongang-Anikarak, Imphal.

The chief guest social worker Th. Arun said that with the coming of democracy to the state majority always wins via minority or indigenous people keep aside politically and socially. He said looking to the Manipur context it is a time to stand together as one. Liberally seek unity for peace integrity, charitably majority and minority.

He further said that people live by identities, we must preserved our rich cultures and traditions specially small tribes like Tarao, Purum, Kharam etc are almost extinct. He love to serve people and will continue, he added.

Special invitee president of Indigenous Minority Organisation Manipur (IMOM) during his speech he state that “Chingmi Tammi Amatani” we should not discriminate each other where there is a hill there is a always plain, vice versa. He pointed out Bible verse Malachi 2:10 and proved that we are one. We shared our love and living a centuries we cannot be separated, he added.

During the ceremony president of IMSCOM said that the organization was set up and registered in the year 2015. He state that the organization will stand for Manipur and live for Manipur without any discrimination both majority and minority groups.

He further highlighting the IMSCOM programs every year celebrate Ningol Chakouba and on May 2, observed mother’s day and heritage centre is on the way for tourism by preserving every traditions and folk culture, he concluded.

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