<strong>51- Saitu (ST) AC candidate Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip concedes defeat, congratulates winner </strong>

51- Saitu (ST) AC candidate Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip concedes defeat, congratulates winner

TMB Report

Imphal:  The Indian National Congress (INC) candidate of 51- Saitu (ST) AC Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip has conceded defeat in the bye-elections while stating that he will accept it as the mandate of money and muscle power and not the mandate of the people.

In a press statement issued in the afternoon Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip conveyed his words of congratulations to BJP candidate of 51-Saitu (ST) A/C Ngamthang Haokip, for winning the November 7, 2020 elections. “The result though, was expected as an undue outcome. I conceded the defeat not as people’s mandate, rather the mandate of money and muscle power,” the losing Congress contestant stated in the note.

He continued that despite all undemocratic processes witnessed throughout the election, the love, trust and support of young and old was a historic moment, not only for the people of 51-Saitu (ST) A/C but also across Manipur.

The press statement further expressed his humble gratitude to all the Congress party leaders, election committee members, supporters, friends from ‘Youth for Change’, well-wishers, young and old who helped and supported throughout the campaign. He expressed that all the support and love will continue.

The statement further stated that the supporters of INC and BJP not to have any ill intention towards anyone; rather leave aside the unintended smear campaign from both supporters in the heat of the contest. He hoped that Ngamthang Haokip, a veteran politician will serve and execute his promises to the people of 51-Saitu (ST) A/C irrespective of caste, creed, tribe, supporter and non-supporter in letter and spirit.

He promised to always look towards working together for the people of Saitu A/C for change despite not having the number. The fight for change will go on, the best is yet to come, added the INC candidate.

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