5 days tree plantation event concludes

5 days tree plantation event concludes

TMB Report

Thoubal: A five days tree plantation event dedicated to the Ningols (Women) of Khangabok Village in connection with the forthcoming “Ningol Chakkouba” festival concluded on Friday.

The tree plantation drive was organised by Voluntary Network For Green Earth Khangabok.

Altogether 500 tree saplings were planted during the five days in different parts of Khangabok Village.

Talking to media persons about the plantation, the Convenor of the Network L. Devan said that the whole earth has been facing an alarming situation for many years as the ecological balance of our Earth has been deteriorating day by day. It is a known fact that this is the very result of our unlimited cutting down of trees by none other than we human beings, he added.

Unfortunately, although knowing this fact, we aren’t in a habit of planting trees and also not try to keep the planted trees growing, he lamented and added that felling down of trees in the name of development feels very much shock to all the tree lovers.

Devan further said that there is a close relationship among the trees and we human beings like the true relationship of brothers and sisters. We can’t survive even a single moment if all the trees are cut down.

Keeping this in mind, the Network has been planting tree saplings for five days consecutively being dedicated to all the Women of Khangabok Village in connection with the forthcoming biggest festival of the state “Ningol Chakkouba”. The plantation is being carried out earlier as the November, Ningol Chakouba month, is not suitable for tree plantation, he mentions.

It might be worthy to mention that more than 7000 trees which were planted by The  Voluntary Network for Green Earth, Khangabok since the last couple of years were grown  fully nowadays at different places in Khangabok.

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