5-day old baby dies after doctor allegedly refused admission; memo submitted to Health Minister

5-day old baby dies after doctor allegedly refused admission; memo submitted to Health Minister

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IMPHAL: In yet another incident of alleged negligence by a medical professional, an unnamed 5-day old baby reportedly died Thursday night around 8:30 at Dorcas Veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur.

The parents of the unfortunate baby boy has been identified as Lamlompiak (father) and Ngainunfel (mother), presently residing at Dorcas Veng, New Lamka, Churachandpur but permanent resident of Mualnuam Vilage.

According to the members of the Village Authority, Dorcas Veng, New Lamka, the baby body developed complications Thursday evening and was taken to a private doctor in the locality. But sensing the gravity of the condition, the doctor immediately referred the baby to be taken to the District Hospital, Churachandpur where better care facilities are available.

Upon reaching the Hospital Casualty at around 6:30 PM a nurse casually examined the baby and took temperatures while the doctor on duty did not even bother to look at contrary to the high expectation of the already panicked parents, the VA members stated. The baby was given some generic drug prescriptions and casually asked to return “tomorrow and attend the Out Patient

Department (OPD) service without admitting them, they said. The parents were compelled to reluctantly heed the advice of the health professionals, took the baby and returned home around 8:00 PM. Shortly after reaching home, the already weakened baby could not tolerate the deteriorating condition, succumbed and died around 8.30 PM, the village authority members said.

Following the incident, a memorandum jointly undersigned by chairman and secretary of Village Authority Dorcas Veng, New Lamka G. Tuanzathang and L. Paupi Ngaihte respectively and president and secretary of Young Paite Association (YPA) Dorcas Veng, New Lamka K. Khamzading and T. Pauchinzam was submitted to Health Minister L. Jayentakumar Singh demanding disciplinary action to negligence of health professionals on duty at District Hospital, Churachandpur on August 6, 2020 leading to the death of an unnamed baby S/o Lamlompiak and Ngainunfel.

In this unfortunate circumstance, the YPA and Village Authority of Dorcas Veng took serious note of the situation and determined that it is a case of medical negligence and unprofessional behaviour of the duty personnel which caused the death of the baby. And such dereliction of duty by public servants on whom people’s lives depend could not be tolerated without proper investigation and due disciplinary action, the VA stated.

In the memorandum, the YPA and Village Authority of Dorcas Veng called for disciplinary action against the health professionals on duty during the said incident should be initiated as per the Orders of Principal Secretary, Health & FW, dated August 6, 2010; that ex-gratia should be given to the parents for the professional negligence leading to the demise of an unnamed baby; that the District Hospital Administration, Churachandpur should make unconditional apology to thef amily of “yet unnamed baby” as per the customary law in the presence of Young Paite Association and Village Authority, Dorcas Veng and that preventive measures and strict vigil should be immediately in place in the District Hospital to prevent future negligence and dereliction of duty leading to preventable death.

Failure to comply the aforementioned demands within three days will invite escalated action by Young Paite Association and Village Authority, Dorcas Veng and the government shall be held responsible for any undesirable incident arising out of it, they stated.

In connection with the complaint, a committee headed by S. Ginmuan Ngaihte SDO, Churachandpur as the Chairman has been constituted. The other members include Chief Medical Officer Dr. V.C Pau Tonsing and SDPO/Churachandpur Bijoy Kumar as Member Secretary and Member of the Committee.

The committee shall enquire whether there is any misconduct on the part or the officials of the District Hospital, Churachandpur and shall submit its finding on or before August 17, 2020, an order stated.

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