48-year old man sentenced to 15 years RI for illegal possession of 3 kg opium

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IMPHAL: Special Judge Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance ND& PS Manipur on Tuesday sentenced 48-year-old convict Lalthang Lhouvum to 15 years’ rigorous imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs. 1 lakh.

The sentence was announced today by special judge A Noutuneshwari in an open court after the hearing of Special PP and defense counsel and the convict in length.

The convict Lalthang Lhouvum, son of Thangkholun Lhouvum of Motbung Bazar was convicted by the same court on June 26 under Section 18 (b) of ND&PS Act after the final hearing of the trial case for illegal possessing of 3 kilograms of opium contained in 3 plastic packets concealed inside another plastic bag.

Koshia Mao Special PP for the state submitted that the offence committed by the convict is a serious offence which is not acceptable as per the law as well as in the society. Committing a crime against drugs affects not only an individual but also to the whole society and unless it is prevented by the court by passing stringent punishment for the offence committed, it shall be repeated by the drug sellers, transporters and smugglers.

It was further submitted that many lives have been lost because of the drug of abuse and it is because of such drug peddlers that many families are shattered. Abuse of drugs not only affects the economy and moral value of a family but it affects the whole society and it is because of such drug abuse that many unwanted crimes occur in the society and prayed the court to impose maximum sentence as per the provision of section 18 of ND&PS Act 1985.

On the other hand, Advocate R. S Livingstone defense counsel of convict submitted that the convict is sole earning member of his family, looking after his ailing wife who also suffers from diabetes and presently undergoing kidney dialysis at hospital twice a week and prayed the court for taking leniency while imposing sentence to the convict.

The court also heard convict Lalthang Lhouvum who also submitted that he realized the offence committed by him was not right and admitted that his act was against the society at large and it will affect and ruin the human generation in a very crucial way and appealled to others not to commit such offence in future and also expressed his willingness to reform himself and live according and prays to take leniency while imposing sentence by considering the health condition of his ailing wife.

The court heard and considered all the material on record available before the court and opinion that the submission made by the convict before the court that the relaxation of his fault, guilty and reformation is appreciable and his appeal before the court not to commit such crime/ offence shall be a good lesson to the drug users and peddlers.

Hence Court sentence convict Lalthang Lhouvum to undergo 15 years’ rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rs. 1 lakh which is to be paid within 6 months and in default of payment of fine the convict has to undergo another 6 months and the period which the convict had spent in the jail will be set off from the period of conviction.

The court observed that the investigating officers had taken all due efforts in the investigation and after duly compliance with the mandatory provision prescribed in the ND&PS Act, the charge sheet was submitted before the court, without his co-operation the court shall not be able to come to the conclusion that justice has been served in such manner.

The court appreciated the highly commendable effort made by the IO of the case Thiyam Brojen Sub- Inspector of City Police Station in connection with the case. 

It may be mentioned that Convict Lalthang Lhouvum was arrested by a joint team of Narcotic cell and City police on August 19, 2014 from near the Kasturi Bridge along with 3 kilograms of Opium.

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