<strong>48 hours NH-2 Tiddim road shut down call-off, MoU signed </strong>

48 hours NH-2 Tiddim road shut down call-off, MoU signed

TMB Report

Bishnupur: The 48 hours NH-2 Tiddim road shutdown called by All Kwakta Co-ordinating Committee from Monday 5:00 AM demanding fresh drinking water in the Kwakta area has been call-off on Tuesday.

Convenor of the Committee Anish Ahamad told media persons that the 48 hours shutdown was call-off after signing a memorandum of understanding brought between the concerned authority and the members of committee.

He said, a joint discussion meeting held on Tuesday at the residence of MLA Moirang A/C which was attended by MLA of Moirang A/C P. Sharatchandra, EE of PHED Bishnupur Rambo Puyam, Chairperson and Councilors of Kwakta Municipal Council and members of All Kwakta

Co-ordinating Committee and came to an understanding and after signing a MoU, the shutdown was call-off.

The signed MoU are, release of protestors and confiscated items without any conditions, joint field visit to the propose scheme site on December 9, 2020 at 9 am, inspection of existing

facilities/infrastructures to make it functional to provide raw water to the people until the launching of proposed project, PHED and MLA assured responsibility of dealing with Hill Chief(s) for uninterrupted of water and with the assurance of fulfilling the above conditions, all parties agreed to call-off the 48 hours shutdown.

Later, those protestors arrested by the Police on Monday have also been released without any condition on Tuesday, the Convenor continued.

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