41 Chandel Mandal Committee congratulates Maharaja Sanajaoba

TMB Report

IMPHAL: The 41 Mandal Committee of Chandel has conveyed its warm congratulations and greetings to Maharaja Leisemba Sanajaoba on his election as a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) with a blessing to be the most fruitful tenure in the interest of the people of Manipur.

As per the press release signed by the 41 Chandel Mandal president Sumpi Lunghring, it was stated that the committee also congratulated the Party Command Functionaries, legislators and all concerned for making the party candidate victorious with a comfortable margin whereas it added that “all’s well that ends well”.

Further, it expressed its humble opinion to the Member of Parliament (RS) that he was the perfect choice and personality to stand for the right, equality and welfare of the people as a symbolic head and representative of the state.

 While the Committee shall faithfully stand by the Party Command and Representatives through thick and thin, he added.

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