2-day long 7th annual national conference of AIAMSWP begins at RIMS

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IMPHAL: With the aim to standardize the education and practice of allied health care professionalism, All India Association of Medical Social Work professionalism (AIAMSWP), North East Zone in collaboration with Community Medicine Department, RIMS and JNIMS organized the 7th annual national conference of All India Association of Medical Social Work professionalism at Jubilee Hall, RIMS on Thursday.

Addressing the inaugural function as the chief guest at the function, Director of RIMS Professor A. Shanta Singh said that as we all know that medical social workers play a very important role in the health care system. They access the psycho social functioning of patients, families and intervene as necessary. They are the one who connect with the patients and family to the necessary resources and support in the community in such preventive care providing Psychotherapy, supporting counselling, creed counselling or helping a patient in order to expand and strengthen their network of social support.

He further stated that a medical social worker plays a great role in restoring balance in an individual personnel, family, social life etc in order to have the person maintain or recover his/her health and strengthen his/her ability to adopt reintegrate into society. The emergency of public health and social work was seen during the 19th century at Britain in United Kingdom. The professional social worker made their presence in early 90’s in India. The American missionary named Clifford Manshardh started the social worker formal training in India in the year 1936. Since then, sixty scopes of social workers have been increased in India, added the director.

“General strike has been launched highlighting the strength of the social worker profession as a work force to improve the health and well-being of individual and family also community. But still more work is needed to advance education, practice and research involving the social worker potential and their contribution to improve health care throughout the life course. Health system will need to renew their focus on addressing their social determinant of health to improve the population health, health outcome for a group of an individual and adding he said that social worker is already helping the health system which help achieved this goal,” said the director.

It is the right time for all social worker to clearly articulate its role and demonstrate the individual, interpersonal, inter-professional and organization benefits of skill professional who can effectively address the complex need of the patients and in a rapidly transforming health care environment. In the recent years, there has been growing interest among the hospitals, social work department specially those associated with major medical research institutions and universities initiating the research which could inform the clinical practice.

He strongly believed that through interaction and sharing information of ideas and the new literature in the field of the medical social work during the conference will go a long way in the advancement of the profession. He hoped that the profession continue to advance the boundary spanning role with capability of social worker in integrated in health setting in both hospitals and towards the community.

Director of JNIMS Professor Th. Bhimo Singh, Medical Superintendent of RIMS Professor Ch. Arunkumar Singh, Secretary NE and Organizing Secretary of AIAMSWP Conference Dr. W. Ranbir Singh, Organizing Chairperson Professor Brogen Singh Akoijam attended as the main dignitaries at the inaugural function. The annual conference will be concluding on January 7.

Many delegates from other parts of the country attended during the annual conference. Many nurses and other medical officials were also present at the day.

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